Level 8 Chords UKE CAN PLAY: Bb B Bm7 Bm Cm D7


Level 8 Chords:  Bb   B    Bm7   Bm   Cm   D7

Level 8          Budapest  George Ezra  C  F  Bb

Level 8          I am a Man of Constant Sorrow Soggy Bottom Boys  C  F  Bb

Level 8          Somebody That I Uke to Know Gotye ft Kimbra C  Dm Bb (2x)

Level 8          Can't Stop The Feeling Justin Timberlake  C Am F Bb

Level 8          In hell I'll be in good company  The Dead South  Gm  F  D7 Cm (2x)

Level 8          Eleanor Rigby The Beatles  C  Em  Em7/5  Edim7/5 (2x)

Level 8          Dreams The Cranberries Austin Ukulele Society  F  G  D  A  Bbmaj7

Level 8          Let Her Go Pessenger  C  G  D  Em  Bm

Level 8          Ob la di Ob la da The Beatles  C  G D7(h) Em Bm7 (2x)

Level 8          Story of My Life  One Direction  A  G  D  Em  Bm7

Level 8          Sultans Of Swing Dire Straits  C  F  Dm  A  Bb (2x)

Level 8          Wellerman Nathan Evans  F  Dm A Gm Bb

Level 8          Sway Quién Será  C  A7 F  Dm Bb

Level 8          Save Your Kisses For Me  Brotherhood of Man C  Am G7  G  D Cm Bm

Level 8          Driving Home For Christmas Chris Rea  F#m  G  A  D  E7  Em  Bm  C#m7 

Level 8          Bring Me Sunshine The Jive Aces  C7  C  F G7 Dm F7 D7(h) Eb  Bb7 Bb  Cm

Level 8          Haven't Met You Yet Michael Bublé  C  Am F  G  Dm  Em Bm(7)  Gbm (F#m)

Level 8          Singing In The Rain   C7  F  G  Dm  D7(h) Gm7  E7 A  F7 Bm7

Level 8          Hero Family Of The Year   C  Am  F  Dm  Bb

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